2021, 28.07–29.07 start: 9 am CEST Duration 10 hours – in 2 days online
"Creating a Full Stack App with Flutter and Firebase"
Workshop #1
Majid Hajian
Software Architect
2021, 28.07–29.07
A quick Introduction to Dart
  • Dart variables and Constants
  • Strings and String Interpolation
  • Dart data types
  • Inheritance in Dart
  • Functional Dart
  • Dart Built-in types
  • Dart List/Array
  • Conditions in Dart
  • Streams and Future
  • Dart Standard Libraries
  • Package dependencies with Pub
Mastering Layouts, Widgets, and UI in Flutte
  • Material Design (ANDROID)
  • Cupertino Design (IOS)
  • Stateful and Stateless Widgets
  • Layouts (Column, Row, Grid, Positioned, Stack, StaggeredGridView, ...)
  • Widgets (Scaffold, App bar, Text, ... )
  • Styling in Flutter (Color, Fonts, Themes, Images, Backgrounds, padding, margin, borders, shadows, and SVGs)
  • GestureDetector and Inkwell
Navigation and routing in Flutter & Basic State management and dependencies injection
  • Working with Navigator
  • Pushing new routes and names routes
  • passing date with routes
  • Stateful widget and Inheritance Widget
  • GetIt
  • Riverpod / BLoC
Firebase and Flutter Integration
  • Setup Firebase
  • Integration Firebase Analytics and leverage it in the entire project
  • Authentication with Firebase, Username Password, Google and Apple Login Setup
  • Setup Firestore and CRUD operation
  • Push Notification and In-App Messaging with Firebase
  • Leveraging Firebase Cloud Function to trigger for different events or define APIs for our application.
Networking Layer
  • Working with Rest API
  • Working with JSON, Serializing, and Deserializing
  • building for iOS
  • build for Android
At the end of this workshop, we have implemented a fully functional real-time app that can be release on both App and Google Play stores.
Using a serverless approach to handle your backend requirements to implement and scale fast is a viable solution for Flutter development. So, using Firebase to facilitate rapid development with Flutter is inevitable. In this course, Creating a Full Stack App with Flutter and Firebase, you’ll learn to create apps using a serverless approach that can easily scale and fulfill your needs. First, you’ll explore what the services are in Firebase. Next, you’ll discover how to integrate a Flutter app with Firebase and use Authentication and Analytics services. Then, you’ll learn how to benefit from Cloud Firestore to manage your database and messaging to deliver push notifications to your users. Finally, you'll delve into writing your serverless functions. When you’re finished with this course, you’ll have the skills and knowledge of creating a full-stack app using Flutter and Firebase needed to deliver a scalable and high-quality app to your customer.

Each section comes with practices on a working app which we are building throughout the workshop and is suitable for everyone who wants to learn Dart and Flutter from scratch.
In this workshop, we will build an entire fully functional app together. I will provide the basic skeleton from time to time to speed up the process.
Majid Hajian
Software Architect
Majid is a Google developer expert and passionate software developer with years of developing and architecting complex web and mobile applications. His passions are generally Flutter, PWA, and performance. He is an award-winning book author at Apress and instructor at PacktPub/Udemy and Pluralsight. He loves sharing his knowledge with the community by writing and speaking, having workshops and video tutorials, contributing to open source, and organizing meetups and events. He is also the organizer of several big Nordic conferences and meetups such as FlutterVikings!

Contact Majid at mhadaily@gmail.com
For Software architecture
Install Flutter SDK
Make your emulator
Grab your Tea, Coffee and Water and snacks!
Flutter helps you to become productive and deliver your cross-platform apps quickly. In this course, you'll explore how to create scalable and high quality apps quickly using a serverless approach in Flutter and Firebase.
9:00 am CEST, 10 hours - in 2 days
"Creating a Full Stack App with Flutter and Firebase"
Workshop #1
by Majid Hajian
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Workshop #1
"Creating a Full Stack App with Flutter and Firebase"
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