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Robert Sabourin
President and Principal Consultant
"Design Patterns for High-Quality Automated Tests: High-Quality Test Attributes and Best Practices"
2021, April 8
Start: 3pm CET
Turbulent development projects experience almost daily requirements changes, user interface modifications, and the continual integration of new functions, features, and technologies. Keep your testing efforts on track while reacting to changing priorities, technologies, and user needs. This highly interactive course offers a unique set of tools to help you cope with—and perhaps even flourish in—what may seem to be a totally chaotic environment. Practice dynamic test planning and scheduling, test idea development, bug tracking, reporting, test triage, exploratory testing, and much more.

Be ready for just about anything that can happen in a software testing project such as a complex, customer-facing Mobile, Web, e-commerce or embedded applications. Learn to identify, organize, and prioritize your testing “ideas.” Respond effectively to business, technological and organizational and cultural changes to your testing projects. Create workflows to schedule testing tasks dynamically and adapt the testing focus as priorities change. Decide on purpose what not to test— not just because the clock ran out!

Just-In-Time Testing (JIT) approaches are successfully applied to many types of software projects—commercial off-the-shelf applications, agile and iterative development environments, mission-critical business systems, and just about any application type. Real examples demonstrate how JIT testing either replaces or complements more traditional approaches. Examples are drawn from insurance, banking, telecommunications, medical, and other industries. The course is packed with interactive exercises in which students work together in small groups to apply JIT testing concepts.

Just In Time Testing received the EUROSTAR BEST TUTORIAL award in 2010.
Anton Angelov
CTO at Automate The Planet
"Design Patterns for High-Quality Automated Tests: High-Quality Test Attributes and Best Practices"
2021, April 8
Start: 12AM CET
Smart Bird: $199
Jenn Bonine
CEO at AI AppStore, PinkPowered AI, Dream Tank
"Introduction to AI - What is it and how can we use it in testing?"
2021, April 8
Start: 6PM CET
Smart Bird: $199
Bojan Miletic
CEO at Softerrific
"From ML model to production code, best practices to deploy and monitor your app on AWS"
2021, April 9
Start: 12 am UTC
Smart Bird: $199
Andrey Okonetchnikov
"Component-Driven Design Systems"
2021, May 29
Start: 11 am GMT
Early Bird: $299
Andrey Okonetchnikov
"Resilient Component Libraries with React"
2021, May 30
Start: 11 am GMT
Early Bird: $299
Leandro Ostera
"Thinking with Types (in Reason/OCaml)"
2021, May 29
Start: 11 am GMT
Early Bird: $199
Bazlur Rahman
Senior Developer at Loblaw Digital
"Your code on the Fastlane:catch up with everyone by using the new versions of Java"
2020, September 5
Start: 12 AM UTC
Smart Bird: $350
Kevin Wittek
Head of Blockchain Research Lab
"Painless Integration Testing with Docker and Testcontainers"
Coming soon
Start: 2PM CEST
Smart Bird: $200
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