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2021, June 2, Online
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Senior software engineer at JobCloud AG
Workshop #1
"Angular & micro-frontends applications at scale"
Michel Ruffieux
June 2, 10:00 CEST, 4 hours
  • Set up and maintain a monorepo architecture using Rush
  • Implement micro-frontends in an Angular application
  • Create a simple API with NestJS
  • On-demand component resolver in Angular
  • Leverage reverse-proxy to serve static bundles on NGINX
  • Keep up with web vitals using advanced rendering techniques
  • Correctly operate with SOLID principles in Angular
  • Useful design patterns (factory, abstract, composite)
  • Scale large Angular applications using the lazy model
Trainer and Consultant on Angular and RxJS at Hladky IT Consulting
Workshop #2
"Reactive Architecture and UX Patterns - Master Class"
Michael Hladky
June 2, 14:30 CEST, 6 hours
  • Combining streams
  • Overview of combination the operators
  • Progressive rendering
  • Reduce the number of computations
  • Reactive State-Management
  • State aggregation
  • State selection
  • Architecture Patterns
  • Higher-Order Observables
  • Overview of the different flattening strategies (merge, concat, exhaust, switch)
  • Usage in the user Interface
  • Usage in business logic or data layer interaction like effects/epic of REDUX
  • Error-Handling
  • In-depth understanding of error handling
  • How to encapsulate error-prone code
  • Comparison of the different retry & repeat mechanisms
Software Cook, Coach & Teacher at Marmicode
Workshop #3
"Profitable Angular Testing"
Younes Jaaidi
June 2, 12:00 CEST, 6 hours
  • You will learn how to write profitable tests, in other terms
  • You'll learn how to reduce the cost of writing and maintaining tests while increasing their trustworthiness. This will boost the whole team's confidence and efficiency.
  • You will be able to choose the right tests to implement and how to implement them.
  • You will also learn how to leverage the benefits of Progressive TDD and Timeboxed TDD to change your code with confidence, and you will be able to decouple your tests from the tested code so you change the code structure without having to fix tests all the time..
CTO at Studytube
Workshop #4
"Angular Performance Tuning"
Stepan Suvorov
June 2, 09:00 CEST, 3 hours
  • Zone.js
  • NgZone
  • NgZone & ChangeDetection
  • Angular without zones
  • ChangeDetection Strategies
  • ChangeDetection tuning (detach/reattach)
  • Bundle size optimisation
  • SSR & Scully
  • ServiceWorkers
  • WebWorkers
Founder at Haibrid
Workshop #5
"Building Mobile App With Ionic & Angular"
Sani Yusuf
June 2, 10:00 CEST, 8 hours
You will learn to create a mobile application working on IOS and android without prior knowledge of mobile development. You will learn extensive features of the Ionic framework. Also i wrote the book on Ionic and recorded 3 courses on it, so its safe to say that you are in very good hands.
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