QA Global
August 17-18, 2021.
Start: 10am CEST & 10am CDT
by Geekle
Volume 2
Workshops are coming soon, stay turned!
Workshops are coming soon, stay turned!
Workshops are coming soon, stay turned!
Workshops are coming soon, stay turned!
Workshops are coming soon, stay turned!
Workshops are coming soon, stay turned!
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Technical Test Lead
Technical Test Engineer
QA Automation Lead
Test Consultant
QA Lead
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Testing Coach
QA Architect
Manual QA Engineer
QA Architect
Automation Engineer
Software Test Engineer
Director of QA
Speakers from our previous event
Jenn Bonine
Eran Kinsbruner
Chief Evangelist, Author, Product Manager
Dmytro Gordiienko
Senior QA Engineer
Louise Rasmussen
Head of Quality
Flint Liu
Lead QA Automation
Anton Angelov
Jonathon Wright
Olivier Denoo
Julio de Lima
Principal QA Engineer
Erika Chestnut
Head of QA
2021, April 8, Online
President of the ISTQB
Workshop #3
"Power Games in Testing"
Olivier Denoo
Date: April 27
In our roles of testers and QAers we are constantly confronted to stressy environments, crisis, discussions and negotiations. Those are prone to interpersonal conflicts and, unfortunate power games. My talk will analyze the most frequent power games in situation, with real examples from the field and return of (my own) experience, explain how to avoid or defuse them before they hit and impact you. I will end the talk by putting the spot on some classic (and positive) manipulation techniques.
President and Principal Consultant at AmiBug.Com, Inc.
Workshop #1
"Agile Testing Just In Time"
Robert Sabourin
Date: April 28
Create workflows to schedule testing tasks dynamically and adapt the testing focus as priorities change. Decide on purpose what not to test— not just because the clock ran out!

Just-In-Time Testing (JIT) approaches are successfully applied to many types of software projects—commercial off-the-shelf applications, agile and iterative development environments, mission-critical business systems, and just about any application type. Real examples demonstrate how JIT testing either replaces or complements more traditional approaches. Examples are drawn from insurance, banking, telecommunications, medical, and other industries. The course is packed with interactive exercises in which students work together in small groups to apply JIT testing concepts.

Just In Time Testing received the EUROSTAR BEST TUTORIAL award in 2010.
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Community Partners
Robert Sabourin
President and Principal Consultant
Eran Kinsbruner
Chief Evangelist, Author, Product Manager
Olivier Denoo
Jonathon Wright
Philip Lew
Galit Zucker
General Secretary, President
Tariq King
Chief Scientist
Greg Sypolt
VP Quality Assurance
Philip Lew
Galit Zucker
General Secretary, ISTQB, BINAKO INC. President
Philip Lew
Galit Zucker
General Secretary, ISTQB, BINAKO INC. President
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While offline events are temporarily gone, Geekle never stops! We are running the QA Global Summit on August 17-18, 2021. Our speakers are leading experts from top companies all over the world who are ready to share what challenges and prospectives expected for the QA community.
Geekle has the unique experience to gather huge tech summits with 10'000+ attendees in different tech domains. We hope to create something the world has never seen before for the World QA Community!

See you all!
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Why do we do Test Automation Internal Mentorships for our QA Engineers?
Currently, in the testing industry, there’s an aspiration to learn more about test automation. Drivers may be different: get new skills, ease work tasks, etc. But often, what stops you in this learning is the absence of guidance and assistance. Of course, there are tons of materials online, but what to do with all of them? How to apply the theoretical knowledge?
At the same time, with over half a billion users around the world, Bumble relies a lot on autotests. We wanted to help our QA Engineers to learn Test Automation.
The best way to accomplish it, from our perspective, was to create a Test Automation Internal Mentorships. They allowed our QA Engineers to learn directly from the experts and have a better understanding of how things work.
With such practice, our QA engineers became more independent and now handle more complex tasks. What’s more, all the learning is shared among the entire department.
Apart from why we did it, I will also cover:
- why we invested in autotests;
- why did we start improving QAs test automation skills;
- why you may need something different from that internal mentorship.
the other ways of learning test automation for you and your team
Join me in this talk and I’ll explain how you can organise your own Internal Mentorships.
Orchestrating your Testing Process - coordinating your manual and automated testing efforts
Due to many historical reasons, most testing and even development organizations, approach their manual and automated testing efforts independently. What’s more, when you look closer at these teams, you notice that even within their automation efforts they are using a number of different testing frameworks, running independently and without much thought around coordination, coverage overlaps or functional dependencies.

This approach needs to change. Teams are releasing products faster than ever, and this means that we need to make every testing effort count, including everything from Unit and Integration Tests run by our development teams, Functional and Non Functional automated tests executed by the testing teams, and every manual testing effort encompassing all the Exploratory and Scripted tests run by every member of our teams.

By coordinating the planning, designing, execution, and reporting of our complete testing process we will be able to achieve better visibility and make more accurate decisions faster.

But the road to achieving this goal is not trivial.
During this session we will:
- Review the objectives of coordinating all your testing efforts
- Understand common issues and hurdles faced by teams embarking on these efforts
- Learn how to build coordinated efforts using a few recommended approaches
- Get ideas on how to get started with your team, as soon as possible.
Effective Test Estimation
We have executed many projects Large Projects, Small Projects etc. Sometimes we miss our testing deadlines because there is no defined criterion that is used to build our execution test plan. To help avoid such missing our deadlines we have prepared these Test Estimation guidelines. In this presentation I present the various Test estimation techniques which will help us in proper execution of the Testing projects. This is a presentation submitted in the Test Management Stream.
How we Think (when testing)
This talk proposes a model of the (testing) thought processes that every developer and tester uses. In a sentence, what we do is this: "we explore sources of knowledge to build test models that inform our testing". The model identifies two modes of thinking – exploration and testing – and we use judgement to decide when to flip from one to the other.
Separating out these ten thinking activities clarifies what we do when we test. It helps us to understand the challenges of testing and how we choose the methods, approaches and tools we need to test. Understanding how we think helps us to identify how ML/AI can help us as well as identifying the capabilities and skills we need to acquire, to practice and excel in.
Learning, Cognition, and Becoming a Better Tester
Have you ever wondered how you can tie your life interests into your work? Do you love to learn, and want to understand how your love for learning can joyously infect your entire life, including your software testing? Jess will share pedagogies of learning (Zone of Proximal Development, Scaffolding, Metacognition, and Flow), and then do a live demonstration of these principles on the violin, weaving testing, music, and other disciplines together in a fascinating talk where she lays her skills on the line to show you how you can use learning, cognition, and personal passion to become a better tester.
Evolving your career: Questions a tester should ask at interview to find a great job
Choosing to work at a new company involves excitement, possibility and risk. Working with lean and agile teams provides a great framework for testers and it is useful to explore a company's lean and agile practices before accepting a job offer. My talk will make suggestions about how to reduce risk when accepting a new job offer by using the interview to find out from a prospective employer about how they work including their lean and agile practices"