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2021, April 8, Online
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President and Principal Consultant at AmiBug.Com, Inc.
Workshop #1
"Agile Testing Just In Time"
Robert Sabourin
Create workflows to schedule testing tasks dynamically and adapt the testing focus as priorities change. Decide on purpose what not to test— not just because the clock ran out!

Just-In-Time Testing (JIT) approaches are successfully applied to many types of software projects—commercial off-the-shelf applications, agile and iterative development environments, mission-critical business systems, and just about any application type. Real examples demonstrate how JIT testing either replaces or complements more traditional approaches. Examples are drawn from insurance, banking, telecommunications, medical, and other industries. The course is packed with interactive exercises in which students work together in small groups to apply JIT testing concepts.

Just In Time Testing received the EUROSTAR BEST TUTORIAL award in 2010.
CTO at Automate The Planet
Workshop #2
"Design Patterns for High-Quality Automated Tests: Clean Code for Bulletproof Tests"
Anton Angelov
Achieving high-quality test automation that brings value- you need to understand core programming concepts such as SOLID and the usage of design patterns.

The training will provide the required theoretical knowledge and help people to master it through practical hands-on sessions throughout the sections.
President of the ISTQB
Workshop #3
"Power Games in Testing"
Olivier Denoo
In our roles of testers and QAers we are constantly confronted to stressy environments, crisis, discussions and negotiations. Those are prone to interpersonal conflicts and, unfortunate power games. My talk will analyze the most frequent power games in situation, with real examples from the field and return of (my own) experience, explain how to avoid or defuse them before they hit and impact you. I will end the talk by putting the spot on some classic (and positive) manipulation techniques.
President Go Pro Management, Inc.
Workshop #4
"Write Right Agile User Story Acceptance Tests Workshop"
Robin F Goldsmith
Do you have trouble getting user stories right? Many, if not most, Agile project participants report difficulties with supposedly-simple user stories. Poor requirements, including user stories, are the major cause of problems for both traditional and Agile projects. In contrast to traditional voluminous requirements documents, Agile writes brief three-line user stories that fit on the front an index card and a few user story acceptance criteria that fit on the card's back. Yet, briefer can actually be harder. This interactive workshop reveals reasons Agile user stories can fall short, explains critical concepts needed for effectiveness, and provides participants extensive guided practice progressively writing better user stories.
Geekle Corp.
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Wilmington, DE
19803, USA
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