python workshops
2021, May 23, Online
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CEO at Softerrific
Workshop #1
"From ML model to production code, best practices to deploy and monitor your app on AWS"
Bojan Miletic
Lais Carvalho
Developer Advocate for OpenTeams
May 23, 10:00 CEST, 4 hours 15 minutes
For this workshop, you will receive a pre-built machine learning model. We will then build and test a REST API for the model using the amazing FastAPI framework. You will deploy the model in a real Cloud environment similar to production. We will look into making the app scalable, applying common sense through the whole process and iterating through the details. We will then introduce the concept of microservices and instruct you on how to migrate the entire monolithic system into a microservices architecture. This will demonstrate how to improve the architecture of your application and when is the most suitable time to do so. Into the bargain, we are going to set up monitoring and see how we can scale the system up and down using the incredible magic of AWS Cloud systems. And with the help of little elves in the bytes forest, we are hopefully going to do it within the free tier, and not getting supercharged. :crossed_fingers: Best part? You will get the chance to ask as many questions as you wish throughout the entire process!
Head of Data Science at ADA Intelligence
Workshop #2
"DATApreneurs: Developing Data Centered Entrepreneurship"
Jack Raifer Baruch
May 23, 15:00 CEST, 4 hours
You will learn the bases of Evidence Based Entrepreneurship and Lean Innovation with a Data Center approach. How to define a problem, techniques to come up with potential solutions, tools to evaluate those solutions to pick the most promising ones. Also how to prototype ideas, creating a Minimum Viable Product (and what it is), and ways to go out and gather evidence (data) about the potential our idea has and if we are moving in the right direction.
Developer Advocate at IBM
Workshop #3
"Build your Machine Learning models the easy way with SPSS from IBM"
Fawaz Siddiqi
Anam Mahmood
Cloud Developer Advocate at IBM
May 23, 19:00 CEST, 3 hours
– Learn to create machine learning models easily

– Deploy Data science pipeline.

– Exploratory Data Analysis.

– In-depth use of SPSS Modeler
Developer Advocate at IBM
Workshop #4
"Predict Loan Eligibility using Machine Learning Models"
Khalil Faraj
Mridul Bhandari
Developer Advocate at IBM
May 23, 13:00 CDT, 3 hours
In this tutorial, we'll build a predictive model to predict if an applicant is able to repay the lending company or not. We will prepare the data using Jupyter Notebook and use various models to predict the target variable.
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