iOS Online
2021, July 8-9
Start: 10am CEST
Duration 16 hours online
Speakers Expected From
10 000+

Registrations expected


Hours of Tech Talks
Asynchronous functions
Swift Concurrency Roadmap
Swift Driver
Semantic analysis
SIL Optimizations
LLVM IR Generation
Clang importer
Module Builds
Cocoa Touch
SIL generation
SwiftUI componentsintegration
Wireless Printing
Serialization in Swift
SIL generation
Clang importer
Swift Driver
Wireless Printing
Some of our Speakers
David Pine
Senior Content Developer
Piotr Tomiak
Senior Software Developer
Muhammad Umer
Senior Javascript Developer
Satyam Pandey
Senior chief engineer
Laurent Picard
Developer Advocate
Mattia Ferrini
Director, Artificial Intelligence
Mohammad Fawaz SIddiqi
Developer Advocate
Anam Mahmood
Cloud Developer Advocate
Srik Gorthy
ML/AI Software Engineer
Benedikt Schiffererd
Deep Learning Engineer
Tracks and Prices
Career Track
Aimed to upgrade Developers' skills to get more familiar with Vue.js
Live stream
Q&A panel participation
No recordings
Live stream for both tracks
Q&A panel participation
Recordings of both tracks
Slack membership
Certificate of attendance
Pro Track
Practical tech cases for Experienced Vue.JS Developers, CTOs and Senior Software Engineers
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Our Team
While offline events are temporarily gone, Geekle never stops! We are running the Vue.js Global Summit on May 4-5, 2021. Our speakers are leading experts from top companies from all over the world who are ready to share what challenges Vue.js developers face in their work.
Geekle has the unique experience to gather huge tech summits with 11,000+ attendees in different tech domains. We hope to create something the world has never seen before for the World Vue.js Community!
See you all!
Geekle Corp.
910 Foulk Road, Suite 201
Wilmington, DE
19803, USA
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