Prathamesh Sonpatki
Product lead
"Rescuing a Spaghetti React project"
Rescuing a Spaghetti React project
Typical startup environment, fast pace of development. After 6 months, realization sinks in that the code is not maintainable at all. Everyone scares to touch the code. How do you come out of this? Well, you go back to drawing board and improve one thing at a time. With Typescript it becomes easier to enforce correctness into the codebase and that's what we did to rescue our frontend app at Last9.
Matias Arabolaza
Head of Frontend
"Why, Lighthouse? Why?"
Why, Lighthouse? Why?
Let's face it: your app is great, but your bundle is getting out of control. With increasingly larger websites and increasingly impatient users, performance has become a critical aspect of web development. Let's take a deep dive on how lighthouse really works and how can it help you make your website lightning-fast.
Flavio Fraschettti
Mobile Developer
"Scaling products with Storybook"
Scaling products with Storybook
Developing a product is a challenging process. To make it scalable is even more complicated, even if you choose a good solution like React Native.

Projects have a road map, product managers have something in mind but very often, companies face a lack of communication between product managers, developers, and designers.

Besides that, as soon as the application scales, it becomes harder to maintain and document new components without affecting other parts of the app, and to onboard new developers and designers.

That's why I want to talk about Storybook: a handy solution for building components in isolation, within a platform where we can test and document them in all the different desired states, even the hardest to reach. This makes it easier for product managers, developers, and designers to work as a team.

We will look at real examples and deep-dive into Storybook features and their addons. The presentation will help you decide if Storybook is the right tool for you.
Eric Lau
Chief Consultant
"Applying Event Sourcing to Enterprise Front End Applications"
Applying Event Sourcing to Enterprise Front End Applications
Event Sourcing is fast becoming the preferred paradigm for building new software. React / redux is primed to incorporate event sourcing, but how? This talk explains it.
Alireza Kasaaaian
Software Engineer
"The state management system that fits your requirements"
The state management system that fits your requirements
Selecting a proper state management system is a challenge but which one fits an application the best thats an important question.
Ashok Vishwakarma
Principal Architect
"Why do you need a Design System?"
Why do you need a Design System?
Having a Design System in place acts a saviour. It closes the gap between the designers and UI engineers who work on multiple products and often re-create or duplicate work done by other teams.
Shaun Wassell
Senior React Developer
"React-Redux - Building an Optimistic UI"
React-Redux - Building an Optimistic UI
When you send a text message, post something on Facebook, or remove an item from a site's shopping cart, it appears that your changes took place instantaneously. However, in most cases this is actually a clever UI trick that makes the website appear blazing fast. In this talk, we take a look at "optimistic UI" - an exciting new trend in front-end development - and see how we can implement it painlessly using React and Redux.
Joao Pinho
Senior Software Engineer & Craftsman
"Svelte Insights for React Developers!?"
Svelte Insights for React Developers!
A good developer can only fully flesh out a solution when he is able to observe the problem from multiple angles, since 2013 the world has learned and gained experiences with React. Some have come to love it, other to hate it. The thrush is, it certainly does the job when used well, but these days it's not the only thing out there, and there are newly thought and perhaps better tools we can use to deliver faster, better and by writing less code that ultimate gives our apps better performance. One good example of such alternatives is Svelte & Sapper! This talk provides deep insights about Svelte and Sapper for ReactJS Developers.
Ankita Kulkarni
Senior React Developer
"Build a lightening fast site with Next.js, GraphQL and Tailwind ⚡️"
Build a lightening fast site with Next.js, GraphQL and Tailwind ⚡️
Next.js has really grown it's popularity over the past couple of years with features like server side rendering, incremental site regeneration, image optimization and lots more whereas GraphQL is known for not just returning data for what you need with good schema design practices but also a good dev experience.

In this talk, I'll talk about how one can build an app that not just scales but also has high performance with Next.js, GraphQL and Tailwind. And Lastly, the future of CSS and Frontend development is building utilities so CSS does not feel like an afterthought. At the end of this talk, you will learn how to go from building a sample app to a highly performant production ready application.