World Software Architecture Summit
online, January 26 start: 10 am UTC duration: 24 hours
speakers expected from
Challenges Solutions Architects face and how to overcome them
Microservice solutions
Cloud-based solutions
Serverless solutions
Why AWS certification matters
The direct way from Enterprise Architect to Solutions Architect
Key moments in this specific field
10 000+

Registrations expected

Speakers expected
24 hours

of Tech Talks
Speakers from our events
Mary Grygleski
Developer Advocate
Reza Rahman
Senior Java Technologist
Aman Jain
Software Engineer
Debora Cornetta O'Brien
Software Engineer Apprentice
Jim Jagielski
Open Source Lead
Hooman Mohammadi
Software Engineer
Entry-level track
Works for Middle and Senior Developers who’d like to enter the Solutions Architecture world. Upgrade your skill and move forward!
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Junior Content Track Recordings included
Watch live stream
Chat and participate in Q&A sessions
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Expert-level track
Whether you’re just starting your way as a Solutions Architect or have a particular experience, here you’ll face true cases that help you overcome challenges in work.

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Welcome our Program Committee members
Ivan Rigoni
Solutions Architect
Marco Viganò
Chief Technology Officer
Dr Nedim Dedic
Lead Enterprise Architect
Juriy Bura
Head of Solution Architecture & Technology Consulting
Orkhan Gasimov
Solutions Architect
Michał Matłoka
Chief Technology Officer
Adrian Kearns
Solution Architect
While offline events are temporarily stopped, Geekle never stops and is running the online Global Architecture Summit on January 26, 2021. Our speakers are leading experts from all over the world who are ready to share what challenges Architects face in their work.
Geekle has the unique experience to gather huge tech summits with 11'000+ attendees in different tech domains. Now we hope to make something the world has never seen before for the World Architecture Community.
See ya'll!

Anna Shevchenko
Community Manager
Nik Petrov
Senior Community Manager
Mila Handziuk
Senior Community Manager
Geekle Corp.
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Wilmington, DE
19803, USA
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