Global Summit
for Java devs'20
2020 August, 1

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Igor Braga
Software Developer
"Demystifying Garbage Collection in Java"
Natan Silnitsky
Backend Infra Developer
"10 lessons learned from using Kafka in more than 1000 microservices"
Mario Fusco
Principal Software Engineer
"Let's make a contract:
the art of designing a Java API"
Mohamed Taman
Sr. Enterprise Architect
"Let's have some Effective REST"
Ricardo Ferreira
Developer Advocate
"Rediscovering the Value of Apache Kafka® in Modern Data Architectures"
Jaap Coomans
Software Architect
"Java Modules in practice
with Spring Boot"
Erik-Berndt Scheper
Java Architect
"2020 - A space odyssey with Micronaut and Quarkus"
Nicolas Frankel
Developer Advocate
"A Change-Data-Capture use-case: designing an evergreen cache"
Rafael del Nero
Senior Software Engineer
"Duke's Star Trek with Java 14 Code Challenges [DEV6015]"
Antons Kranga
Directory of Engineering
"Be productive developer with
Kubernetes and Skaffold"
Adam Warski
"Project Loom? Better Futures? What's next for JVM concurrent programming"
Brian Vermeer
Developer Advocate
"Live hacking:
Breaking into your Java web app"
Mary Grygleski
Developer Advocate
"Thirst-Quenching Streams
for the Reactive Mind"
Edwin Derks
Software Architect
"Optimize your applications to the max with Jakarta EE and MicroProfile"
Phillip Kruger
Software Engineer
"Writing queryable APIs with
MicroProfile GraphQL"
Ko Turk
Fullstack Developer
"Controlling your race with Micrometer, Spring Boot (2.x) and Cloud Foundry"
Hugo Guerrero
APIs & Messaging Developer Advocate
"Change Data Capture with Apache Kafka and Debezium"
Erik-Berndt Scheper
Java Architect
"MicroProfile Reactive Messaging: reaching Flow State"
Andrzej Ludwikowski
Software Journeyman
"Event Sourcing - what could possibly go wrong?"
Kevin Wittek
Head of Blockchain Research Lab
"Testcontainers: A year-in-review"
Hugo Guerrero
APIs & Messaging Developer Advocate
"Camel K is Serverless"
Werner Keil
Founder & Director
"How JSR-385 Could Have Saved the Mars Climate Orbiter"
Thodoris Bais
Scrum Master
Rene Enriquez
Technical Lead
"Serveless, beyond lambdas and functions"
Mohammed Aboullaite
Head Of Engineering
"Containers & Java: What I wish I had been told"
Sven Peters
Developer Advocate
"The Effective Developer - Work Smarter, Not Harder"
Otavio Santana
Devrel Engineer
"Architecting Cloud Computing Solutions with Java"
Philipp Krenn
"OpenTelemetry for Java Developers"
Larry Garfield
Director of Developer Experience
"Building a cloud-friendly application"
Adib Saikali
Principal Platform Architect
"Effective Spring + Kubernetes"
Kamila Oliveira
Backend Developer
"Evolution of java: from object orientation to reactive applications with Webflux"
Radovan Synek
Software Engineer
"Optimization AI in Java, made easy with OptaPlanner"
Karina Varela
Technical Marketing Manager
"5 tips on how to deliver software effectively by aligning coding and business best practices"
Liran Haimovitch
Co-Founder and CTO
"Why you’re getting understandability wrong"
Shelley Lambert
Software Developer, SW Dev Manager
"From Sledge Hammer to Fine Brush for QA"
Bazlur Rahman
Sr. Developer
"Top 10 reasons to learn Java now than ever"
Alberto Fernandez
Software Engineer
"Extending the API functionality of a blockchain node - Ardor"
Maryna Cherniavska
Software Engineer
"Winter Is Coming: A Kotlin Microservice Without Spring"
Alexander Reelsen
Community Advocate
"Elasticsearch - Securing a search engine while maintaining usability"