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Jhonatan Macazana
Internship at SIDERPERU
The event had everything I was expecting and more. It was really great to learn from magnificent people on the topics and make connections with other attendees!
Marcel Dempers
Solutions Architect
This was a brilliant conference. Very professional, well organised and a great turn out! I really hope to see this event grow even more
Surhud B.
Aspiring Software
Overall the event was beautifully organized and it was quite relevant. Learnt a lot of new technologies from varied knowledgeable speakers!!
Marcel Dempers
Front End Developer
I think this was a great event and I have invited my develoment team to the summit. They really love it and we are ready to start working on many ideas
Marcel Dempers
Senior Developer Advocate
Great conference organization, informational content. What I loved most is the live-chat during the talk where the audience was able to exchange messages. Super great engagement. Keep this one for next virtual confs.
Orandi Harris
SDET at RealDecoy
I think the conference was well organized. The only part I wish I could have done more of was to respond to the questions given to me during my talk. I had tried to reach out to the persons asking questions but I wasn't able to reach everyone
Samuel Willson
Software Engineer
Fantastic dynamic event. The flow, the topics, the speakers. The Pine tool was very useful too. For a remote event, was totally cool! 24 hours of content. I've just missed some place to share code, some markdown in the comments, more use cases of real world. But I will join that event in the next time, again!
Ricardo Maltez
Software Engineer
One of the bests events that I ever attended!

Really interesting content and great talks!
Surya Patnaik
Overall amazing conference experience. This was my first online summit/conference and I must say, the excitment and the desire was there minus the physical crowd. Loved it through and through. Slight improvements to the overall user experience is all that is needed but I would say an excellent 90% on overall satisfaction. Looking forward to more geekle powered events!
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Senior Track for Middle and Senior Software Developers, Solution Architects and CTOs: deep tech content.

Junior Track for Junior Node developers and experienced Front-end developers: entry-level content.


memory leak prevention
built-in v8 API
code sandboxing
architecture best practice
worker threads
worker threads
code sandboxing
architecture best practice
shared memory
built-in v8 API
Lucas Santos
Cloud Developer Advocate
Shahjada Talukdar
Cloud Developer Advocate
Sarah Jessica Leivers
Software Developer
Adam Baldwin
Senior Product Manager
Marcos Bérgamo
Lead Software Engineer
Juriy Bura
Head of Solution Architecture&Technology Consulting
Gadi Raymond
Senior Full Stack Developer
Timur Shemsedinov
Chief Technology Architect
Vladimir de Turckheim
Lead Node.js Engineer
Julián Duque
Chief Technology Architect
Danielle Adams
Chief Technology Architect
Karin Angel
Software Engineer
Erick Wendel
Trainer and Software Consultant Specialist
Nairi Harutynyan
Back End Engineer
Gil Tayar
Senior Architect
Kassian Rosner Wren
Developer Advocate
Markus Hösel
Web Developer
Olivier Loverde
Chief Technical Officer
Adrien Maret
Software Architect
Alessandro Polidori
Senior Software Engineer
Laís Lima
Software Engineer
Luca Maraschi
Chief Architect
Orandi Harris
Saulo Nunes
Node.js Mentorship Member
Megaklis Vasilakis
CTO and Co-founder
Mauricio De La Quintana
CTO and Co-founder
Colin Ihrig
Software Engineer
Sebastian Curland
Senior Software Developer
Aori Nevo
Senior Software Engineering Manager
Liran Haimovitch
Senior Software Engineering Manager
Shanee Radzewsky
Full Stack Developer
Gil Fink
CEO and Senior Consultant
Roy Osherove
Team Leadership&Testing Consultant
Joe Karlsson
Software Engineer&Developer Advocate
Agam Rafaeli-Farhadian
Head of Business Partnerships
Önder Ceylan
Software Engineer&Developer Advocate
Sanne Peters
Front End Architect
Liran Tal
Senior Developer Advocate
Fredrik Christenson
Software Developer
Viktor Turskyi
CEO & Principal Software Architect
Marcel Dempers
Solution Architect
Roy Mor
Technical Lead
Tal Joffe
Web Applications Group Leader
Bogdan Nedelcu
Software Engineer
Alexey Orlenko
Software Engineer
Zbyszek Tenerowicz
Full Stack Engineer
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Senior Track
Adrien Maret, Kuzzle
Saulo Nunes, Polycade
Erick Wendel, EW.IT
Shanee Radzewsky,
Kassian Rosner Wren, Cloudflare, Inc.
Alexey Orlenko, SpdLoad
Gil Tayar, Applitools
Roy Mor, Sisense
Vladimir de Turckheim, Sqreen
Alessandro Polidori, Nethesis
Shahjada Talukdar, eBay
Lucas Santos, Microsoft
Luca Maraschi, TELUS Digital
Aori Nevo, Pager
David Clemens
Adam Baldwin, GitHub
Timur Shemsedinov, Metarhia
Timur Shemsedinov, Metarhia
Aori Nevo, Pager
Viktor Turskyi, WebbyLab
Zbyszek Tenerowicz, Egnyte
Sarah Jessica Leivers, BBC Digital Publishing
Roy Osherove
Önder Ceylan, LINKIT
Gil Tayar, Applitools
Liran Haimovitch, Rookout

BONUS Junior Track​

Colin Ihrig, Joyent
Sebastian Curland, Nielsen
Nairi Harutyunyan, Screenful
Olivier Loverde, InnovOrder
Markus Hösel, 3-S-IT GmbH
Karin Angel, Autofleet
Gadi Raymond, WalkMe
Sanne Peters, Bankai
Liran Tal, Snyk
Juriy Bura, EPAM Systems
Fredrik Christenson, Minna Technologies
Orandi Harris, RealDecoy
Lais Lima, Estratégia Educacional
Timur Shemsedinov, Metarhia
Lucas Santo, Microsoft
Julián Duque, Salesforce Heroku
Joe Karlsson, MongoDB
Luca Maraschi, TELUS Digital
Joe Karlsson, MongoDB
Marcel Dempers,
Bogdan Nedelcu, Klarna
Marcos Bergamo, EPAM Systems
Juriy Bura, EPAM Systems
Saurabh Kumar, Mintware Ventures
Zbyszek Tenerowicz, Egnyte


Petro Gubko
Community Manager
Nik Petrov
Senior Community Manager
Andrey Bondar
Co-Founder geekle
Mila Handziuk
Senior Community Manager
Ed Nedin
CEO geekle
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