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Michael Ritchson
Flight Data Portal Enterprise Architect
SQL connectivity
First we will refresh the knowledge about SQL and ORM, then we will construct some simple entities and save them to DB. The last part will be the creation of simple CRUD API
Emma Thomas
Principal Solutions Architect
«We wanted our solution to transmit data faster than the speed of light»
We wanted our solution to transmit data faster than the speed of light
With the move to cloud, hybrid architectures and advances in technology the importance of Non-Functional Requirements (NFR) have never been more critical to Solution Design.

Non-functional Requirements define system attributes such as security, reliability, performance, maintainability, scalability, usability….the list goes on and on.

By defining the types of NFR’s to be considered and levels needed of the NFR’s during design phase (and throughout) will ultimately help define the solution expectations and boundaries. It will also help identify any risk areas.

I will introduce methodologies and collated ideas for quantifying NFRs that we have used in real large hybrid cross solution, multi cloud solution architectures.
Jerome Van Der Linden
Solutions Architect
«Event-driven architecture on AWS»
Event-driven architecture on AWS
Event-Driven Architecture became essential in modern applications built with microservices. It ensures that services are decoupled, allowing them to scale independently and moreover providing better resiliency. This talk will show why and how to build this kind of architecture on AWS, leveraging services like Amazon SNS, Amazon SQS or Amazon EventBridge.
Carola Lilienthal
Managing Director
«ResResolving technical debt in software architecture»
Runcy Oommen
Principal Software Engineer
«Serverless solution architectures in AWS & GCP»
Serverless solution architectures in AWS & GCP
Serverless is eating the stack and developers are finding the way to build things quickly without worrying about capacity planning and other nuances. AWS Lambda is leading the pack but serverless does not necessarily restrict to just FaaS. Anything and everything where you don't manage the basic building blocks like compute, storage, memory and networking is serverless like AWS S3, GCP Big Query, DynamoDB etc..

In this talk, my focus would be to bring a solution with multi-cloud paradigm approach of using serverless stack from AWS and GCP to bring up a website with zero maintenance overhead of servers, near-zero cost and infinite scaling possibilities. It would be a very practical talk where the attendees would be able to absorb things quickly and the right pointers provided to do something on their own as well
Alexander Kuttig
CEO, Founder, Developer
«Using AWS and Google Cloud in a cost-efficient way»
Using AWS and Google Cloud in a cost-efficient way
Every startup needs to be able to scale while keeping the initial invest as low as possible. This is where cloud providers like AWS and Google Cloud come into play. They offer a very generous free tier and are able to support nearly infinite growth of you user base. But you have to plan your architecture correctly from the beginning, otherwise it can quickly become very expensive. This is the story of how we designed a highly available architecture for one of our clients, whose app scaled to millions of downloads and hundreds of thousands of MAOs while using the free tier as long as possible and keeping the maximum cost of the scaled application under 350$ per month.
Nick Beaugeard
Principal Consultant
«Using GitHub to Automate and Deliver Technology Projects»
Using GitHub to Automate and Deliver Technology Projects
GitHub is a free cloud platform for delivering well managed software projects from inception to delivery, but it can be used to deliver anything from documentation to infrastructure deployment. In this talk, Nick will show you how to use both an agile methodology, coupled with the amazing tools in github to deliver an end to end technology solution.
Attendees will learn and be shown how to deliver an entire project, including planning, documentation, software and release into production, all while using commercial grade free tools and to collaborate with a team of any size.
In this session, we create an application, all relevant documentation and plans and publish it to the world.
Luca Relandini
Principal Architect
«CI/CD is not enough: next step is AI-driven self optimization»
CI/CD is not enough: next step is AI-driven self optimization
You will learn the relationship between business needs, lean computing and the 3 principles of DevOps.
The value of Infrastructure as Code and the pipeline automation to leverage it will be explained.
Most importantly, the Vision-Insight-Action framework to build a self-optimizing system will be demonstrated live and a solution based on AI to optimize performances, cost and compliance will be presented.
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Ivan Rigoni
Solutions Architect
Marco Viganò
Chief Technology Officer
Dr Nedim Dedic
Lead Enterprise Architect
Juriy Bura
Head of Solution Architecture & Technology Consulting
Michał Matłoka
Senior Software Engineer&Architect
Adrian Kearns
Solution Architect
EPAM Systems
While offline events are temporarily stopped, Geekle never stops and is running the online Worldwide Software Architecture Summit on January 26, 2021. Our speakers are leading experts from all over the world who are ready to share what challenges Architects face in their work
Geekle has the unique experience to gather huge tech summits with 10'000+ attendees in different tech domains. Now we hope to make something the world has never seen before for the World Architecture Community.
See you all!
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