Your code on the Fastlane: catch up with everyone by using the new versions of Java
2020, September 5 • 12:00 UTC • 4 HOURS LONG
Moving your project to the latest Java can mean faster code, cheaper cloud bills, but above all, an application that cannot be hacked easily! Just by using Java 11, you can save up to 25% of heap memory, and there are many other benefits.

If you write your code to the latest Java, it would become clearer, concise, and easy to read which means less chance to produce bugs.
Bazlur Rahman
Senior Developer at Loblaw Digital
Bazlur has more than eight years of experience coding in Java, which includes numerous projects — academic, professional, and personal.

He is currently working as a Senior Developer at Loblaw Digital, Canada. Before working here, he worked at one of the largest providers of mobile financial services in Bangladesh called bKash, where he made a significant contribution to team formation and development of several mission-critical products. One of the products has more than 10 million userbases.

In addition to his regular work, he loves to mentor, write, and contribute to an open-source project. He is also the founder and current moderator of a Java user group (JUG) in Bangladesh, where he organized technical sessions, workshops to share knowledge related to Java. Besides, he published four books on the Java programming language; one of them was on the bestseller list in Bangladesh.
Workshop Format
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15 min

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15 min
Workshop Program
2020, September 5
12:00 – 12:15
12:00 – 12:15
Welcome speech. Overview.
12:15 – 13:00
12:15 – 13:00
Lambda Expression
Functional programming concept, the syntax for lambdas, replacing with anonymous inner classes. etc.
13:00 – 13:07
13:00 – 13:07
13:07 – 13:27
13:07 – 13:27
Method reference, static, and default method in the interface
1. Method reference
2. Static method
3. Default method
4. Optional
13:27 – 14:27

13:27 – 14:27

Best practices and useful patterns
1. Java inbuilt functional interfaces.
2. Execute around patterns etc.
14:27 - 14:37

14:27 - 14:37

14:37 - 15:27

14:37 - 15:27

Java Stream
1. The stream interface, stream processing,
2. Map, filter and reduce
3. Short circuiting methods etc
15:34 - 16:24

15:34 - 16:24

1. Collectors toList, toSet, to Map
2. Sorting ( Comparators)
3. Parallel processing
16:34 - 16:55

16:34 - 16:55

A computer with the latest Java (preferable Java 14) installed and Zoom.
IDE: IntelliJ IDEA (preferable) or Eclipse
Understanding of the object-oriented concept

Understanding of Generics and Collection framework

A fancy coffee mug. Tea mugs are also accepted if you are not a caffeine addict yet :)
During this workshop, you will be studying a lot of modern features and advanced features of Java. Each major section will be explained with the hands-on exercise which could be directly applied to your production code.
Also, you will get the chance to ask any questions related to the topics.

  • You'll learn some advanced techniques for writing Java code
  • How Java lambda expression and stream API can make your code concise and beautiful
  • Upgrade your Java knowledge to the latest version
  • It'll help you to excel in your Java career
-You will be able to upgrade your Java skills with the latest version which means you are no longer fall behind
You will be able to write clear and concise code with the lambda expression which means less chance to produce bugs
You will be able to write declarative and expressive code easily which means less code but more results
You will learn how to refactor old legacy and imperative code with modern functional programming which means less error in your code
You will be able to process large data set in parallel which means a faster result
You will be able to process large data set in parallel which means a faster result

15 participants ONLY
  • 2020, September 5
  • 12:00 UTC
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